Red Alert!


Red is a scary color that suggests the Red Scare, red alerts, and red herrings. Senator Joseph McCarthy used Red Scare propaganda to attack communism, socialism and radical leftism. Red alerts are deployed by law enforcement as the most dangerous warning of all. And red herrings? Well, you should know what they are, especially if you’ve read mystery novels. They’re false facts cleverly designed to throw you off track, so you never learn who the true perpetrator is until you reach the very end of the story.

These days we know the identity of the true perpetrator and his team who are highly adept at tossing red herrings. Red herrings are flourishing everywhere, because the true perpetrator is highly skilled at ranting like a bully, exploding in anger, and hurling...

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Give Body Shamers and Haters a Piece of your Mind!

Give Body Shamers and Hates a Piece of your Mind!

The 7Sisters project is proud to be partnering with Pace University’s Women’s Leadership Institute on October 15, 2016 to host 7Sisters LIVE@Pace. If you are a Pace student, you can register here.

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Booty Pop

Second in a series of articles educating the public about the media.

Today’s media outlets are under tremendous pressure to get eyeballs.  They are desperate to make money. Slashing the size of newsrooms and publishing canned content is only part of the story. The Media will do anything to get attention.  They will even shake their booty.

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Feeding the Beast

First in a series of articles educating the public about the media. 

Imagine a world without newspapers. Every day another media outlet cuts their print counterpart to go strictly digital. And every media outlet reports a steady decline in revenue. Yet it’s hard to imagine a world without newspapers. There would be fewer materials to stuff broken windows and insulate walls....

A Few Words That Change Lives, If We Listen

Many lives are changed by a few words, often from total strangers.

For me and others they can be as simple as “Try across the street.”

More than 50...

"Just The Way You Are"

From Medford, New Jersey

by Cindy Weinstein

There’s an unusual component to the traditional high school yearbook. Typically, there exist tributes, highlight reels, teacher, staff and student profiles, clubs, organizations, and sports categories. Also contained is a competitively odd feature casting graduating classmates into “Best” or  ”Most” roles. Personally, I never ‘got‘ this. My...