When In Doubt, Don’t Go Out.


You and your friends pick out a restaurant you have never been to before and decide on a time. Your waiter hands you a menu with so many items on it, you feel overwhelmed. Wait, where are we in the world? India, China? Where do you start?  You look at your group of friends and think, who picked this place out? Oh, yeah, that’s right, you did.

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Comfort Food | A Little Touch of Salt!

Salt! We swim in it, fish in it, boat in it. We scrub our bodies with it to freshen our skin. Yet we spend a lot of energy trying to control this mineral in our bodies.

Keeping it Cool

Boston’s ice cream scene is hot all winter

While it may be known as “home of the bean and the cod,” MA is also one of the largest consumers of ice cream per capita in the United States. In the summer, that is all fine and good. But how can the Bay State maintain this claim during its often brutal winters? Well, when you have the type of quality products from local purveyors like...

Cranberry sauce, fry bread, and gratitude? Meh, say tribes


As you sit down with your family (or framily) for Thanksgiving dinner, you probably already realize that the settlers and Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving weren’t eating cranberry sauce shaped like a can. The pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe may have eaten wildfowl and corn back in 1629, but according to an article in...

A Toast to the Best French Toast-Maker in the World


     Chef Yihdego Giday was indeed the chief of his own private culinary country, an aesthetically sophisticated domain of tastes, aromas and earthen colors.

     As my gaze turned naturally from one elegantly penned image of stately Ethiopian women to another—all artfully placed throughout the restaurant, I could not help being drawn to their extraordinarily intricate weaves. The braid itself has always held special...

From Boston: Buzzing for Real Food


Experienced edibles entrepreneur gets energy from giving it

For active, busy people caught up in the daily grind, coffee has historically been the “go to” energy booster. But now there’s a new way to get the buzz – it’s Java Me Up, a delicious, portable, coffee-fueled snack line created by Lisa Newmann, a pioneer in the healthy snack industry.

Java Me Up is a brand of coffee bars...