Interview | Jordan Riefe


Here is a story about a great journalist. LA-based arts & culture reporter Jordan Rieke won our Matt Kramer Award for his article Skid Robot: the street artist drawing attention to LA’s homeless residents that first appeared in the The Guardian. His news stories get you to experience the infinite ways arts and culture benefits humanity on a global scale. 

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Larry Bell | Pioneer in Art, Light & Space

Last winter as the Whitney Biennial got under way sculptor Larry Bell found the museum’s fifth floor deck a fine place for his large-scale piece, “Pacific Red”. The series of six massive glass red cubes with smaller cubes inside was visible from his room at the nearby Standard Hotel where he stayed during the installation last March. Even better, “Pacific Red” was visible from the Empire State Building.

Amy Schumer, Larry David Plus Kyle Grooms, The West Side, and Paul Virzi

Amy Schumer and Larry David Pop in at The Comic Strip, Plus News From Kyle Grooms, The West Side, and Paul Virzi

Invincible Living - PR for People Book Review

For a more realistic and encouraging approach to selfimprovement, check out “Invincible Living.”

Photography As Art

I was thinking the other day about the art of photography. What makes it an art form? Is it just the photographer's vision captured, or does it encompass the whole gamut of the capture process, post-production, retouching, cropping and subsequent output?

A Special Seinfeld Screening, Louis C.K., Pamela Adlon, and More

A Special Comic Strip Seinfeld Screening, Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon at Tribeca, and One of NY’s Comedy Stages is Changing Addresses