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The Hug

Imagine a tense baseball game. The pitcher stares in and unleashes a fast ball that gets away from him and drills the batter.  At the very least— glares and words are exchanged between batter and pitcher—and maybe a possible “visit” to the pitcher’s mound to “discuss” the incident might ensue—and then maybe a possible further escalation as the benches empty to defend each of the team’s player’s territory, pride and egos…. 

Good Bye Vinnie

For over six decades—growing up with Vinnie— you felt in good hands and comforted by a guy—who you knew—loved his job, loved the game of baseball and loved the fans. He was there to give his knowledge and wisdom—his heart and soul—to educate and foster appreciation for the beauty of the sport.


George Lois and Muhammad Ali | On Race and Courage

George Lois recently walked me through the process that led to his idea of putting Muhammad Ali in the pose of a martyr on the cover of Esquire Magazine.

Muhammad Ali on the Cover of Esquire Magazine in 1968 sparked a heated controversy. The Esquire cover depicted the famous boxer being pierced by six arrows. How Muhammad Ali came to grace the cover was a deliberate stroke of genius created by legendary ad man...

Ken Woolcott: What Basketball means to me and this town

Ken Woolcott, who grew up in Tacoma, remembers as a kid that his family couldn’t afford Sonics tickets, so he listened to the game on the radio. He still remembers the day he accidentally discovered the stunning view from Kerry Park on a college era jog through Seattle.  Ken has always loved all things basketball, and his passion for the sport and the success of his business enabled him to...