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The Social Contract: Who Needs It?

Let’s begin with some political theory.  Aristotle, in his great treatise, the Politics, concluded that there are, basically, only two different kinds of governments in terms of the outcomes for a society -- those that serve the common good, or the public interest, and those that have been co-opted to serve the self-interests of the people who hold political power.  

What This Country Needs is… Confucius!

How well does Donald Trump measure up to Confucius’s teachings?  And how well do we?  The answer to both questions is “none of the above.”

White Helmets

An average young man from an average Syrian town, White Helmets co-founder Mahmoud Al-Hattar never expected his path to lead to the stage of the 2018 Academy Awards. But that’s exactly where he was headed when the film, “Last Men in Aleppo”, about a group of volunteers who rescue civilians from the rubble of bombing targets, was nominated for Best Documentary.  Unfortunately, the Syrian government (no fan of the White Helmets), stood in the...

HEBRON: Hell on Earth for Palestinians

We saw the colorful painted words on the wall (with white doves above them) in front of a school in Hebron: “FREE PALESTINE.” On closer examination, we noticed that someone had tried to whitewash those words with paint, but the message still is visible. This was our welcome to the largest Palestinian city in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Is Ahed Tamimi the “Joan of Arc” of Palestine?

According to the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), each year some 700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained, interrogated, and prosecuted by a military court system that allows physical abuse of these young people. Currently, there are about 300 Palestinian children (ages 12 to 17) being held in Israeli jails and prisons. One of them is Ahed Tamimi.