Ambition and Wishful Thinking



For many years I’ve mediated thousands of widely varied civil lawsuits.  No matter how diverse the subject matter, wrongful death, real estate, employment or contract, many cases have been fueled by an ambition that is often hard to distinguish from wishful thinking.  Although ambition is usually displayed by the amount of damages sought by plaintiffs and their attorneys, it also regularly appears in the attitude of defendants and their lawyers and insurance claims personnel for different reasons.

Plaintiffs ambitiously chase “justice” having never experienced the difficulty of winning a civil lawsuit.  The most ambitious litigants in this regard are usually the least...

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Income Loss Due to Actions of Civil Authority

Roger Hillman writes about business disruption due to terrorism, peaceful public demonstrations, “Acts of God,” riots, and even ordinary road closures.

Coverage for income loss, also referred to as business interruption, is commonly found in Commercial Property and Business Owners’ policies.  This provides coverage for loss of income as a result of the insured’s suspension of operations.  The most frequent triggering event for such coverage is physical damage to the business premises necessitating a closure for repair, rebuilding, or even relocation. 

       However, a unique aspect of business interruption coverage is income loss due to actions of civil authority.  Such actions include something as minor as a road closure for repairs or as significant as an act of terrorism.  In order to invoke such coverage, the prevention or interruption of access to the insured premises, absent physical damage to the insured premises itself, must be the result of physical loss or damage to property away from the insured property as a result of an insured peril. 

Managing Risk in Litigation


Litigation is a very common American pastime.  There are more lawyers in some U.S. cities than there are in entire countries such as Japan.  However, for individuals and business enterprises litigation is always very expensive and...

The Joy of a Startup Company

Who in their right mind develops a startup company in a highly competitive field and begins this task in their late 60s?  Me.  Why?  In part because I believe that with my team of talented attorney/neutrals we can do a better job of providing...

Employment Arbitration: A Minefield For Employer And Employee

By Gregg Bertram M.A., J.D., LL.M.

In the past twenty or more years many employers, especially large company employers, have required employees to agree to arbitration as the exclusive forum to resolve disputes.  State...

Commercial Mediation: A Different Animal?

Are there fundamentally different dynamics present when mediating a commercial dispute versus a trust and estate or negligence case?  Generally, although some commercial mediations may require intensive financial and document analysis, the...