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Destiny | Livin' Small

Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind; large ones weaken it. -- Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor, musician, author (1452-1519)

Home is Where the Couch Is


Karen Beaman of Lincoln, Nebraska, found herself single and mother to two children at the age of 22. Without a father in the house, it seemed as if the feeling of home was slipping away. Karen’s mother, Ann, swooped in to help her pick up the pieces. “Mom is always saying, when things fall apart, pay attention to routine,” Beaman said. So, together they created a new routine involving the children, then aged three and five....

Organizing Tips for Pet Lovers

If you tend to accumulate stuff, it’s likely your pet will as well! One side benefit of being an organized pet lover means that anything that is not supposed to be a pet toy (like shoes) stays out of a pet’s reach. Keeping surfaces in your home clear of anything small and valuable (like jewelry) means that jumping pets don’t eat, play with or hide precious objects.

If you live in a smaller home, consider less used spaces like...