Destiny –without an e​


I grew up as a working class kid in Yonkers, New York. My parents sent me to Catholic schools, where I learned equal doses of discipline and terror. I spent my third and fourth grade in public school where all of my friends were Jewish. My teacher, Mrs. Chachkes, came from a Jewish merchant family that lived in south Yonkers and sold furniture.  She wore her blonde hair parted on the side in a soft wave that had the tendency to fall forward and cover her left eye.  She told me that I could rhyme well and master long words with complex meanings. She told me I was a natural born writer.

By the time I returned to Catholic school, I had a nun instruct the class to write a poem without using the letter e. No one could do it except for me. After I turned in my poem,...

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Risky Initiation


Playing it safe leads to an unadventurous life. How then should we take on that element of risk—to precipitate the virtue out of this dangerous mixture of spice and vice? No time is ever just right—you either go for it or not. It is never anything less than “to be or not to be!” That’s it: forge a path over the gaping gorge! This is the journey of the hero. Feel the zeal, knowing well it is you who makes the deal...

Placebo and Play


      It has been well documented that we can change our biology simply by what we believe to be true. The placebo effect is defined as the measurable, observable or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributed to medication or invasive treatment. This suggests that we can treat various ailments as well as highly disruptive mood swings by using the mind to heal.

    A placebo is a fake treatment, an inactive...

Dust Collectors

From Medford, New Jersey

Dust Collectors

Last evening, I observed my faint breath draw upon dimming candle light. I reclined heavily, feeling my heart’s familiar whisper. The morning window donned its dark veil, and momentarily the specious illusion of blindness set in. I lay quietly, open-eyed, discovering comfort within my discomfort, allowing opaqueness to willingly lead...

New Coloring Book Ancient Runes | On Meditation

Cosmic Art Center announces a unique style of coloring book.

Artist David L. Laing takes pride in seeing his designs colored. “Ancient Runes” is the first of a ground-breaking concept that marries coloring to Nordic yoga with mantras to be intoned while standing in a meditative pose—therein lies its absolute uniqueness!

Perform the pose, pronounce its characteristic sound and/or color its hand-inked design....

We All Have Souls

We All Have Souls Why Does it Matter?

by Tom Blaschko

Our souls matter because they are our connection to the most profound parts of our living universe. In our culture we may feel cut off from one another, separated from nature, and terrified of our aloneness. Remembering we have a soul gives us a path to reconnect to all the things that matter to us.

I am not promoting a...