A Little Bit of Thanks Goes a Long Way


This Thanksgiving there should only be one regret—that we have not taken the time to give enough of ourselves. Giving of ourselves takes many shapes and forms. Take a look around and ask yourself: What can I do to lift someone’s burden or make their load a little lighter?

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We all want to go home. Even when we leave and go to parts unknown, there is a longing to return to the place where we came from. We can return to our home in our hearts and minds, but it is never as satisfying as actually going home. St. Mary’s Church has been home for many generations for nearly two centuries. The impending closure of St. Mary’s Church has prompted many of us to think about what it means to have a relationship with a Sacred Place.


Katherine Sheedy attended noon mass every day at St. Mary’s Church in Yonkers. Going to church was more than a religious rite. It was how she expressed herself—Irish Catholic, good natured and kind, except when she was vexed by something she did not understand. And she did not understand me, her rebellious granddaughter, the third in line.

No Longer The Wandering Jew

In 1983 when a small group of Steamboat Springs Jewish families joined together as  Har Mishpacha (Hebrew for “Mountain Family”), it was the beginning of a real identity as a congregation. One of the founding members says, “Many of us felt that we never were the wandering Jews because if you know who you are you are not wandering.”


Your names always went together, or maybe after 30 years of marriage, one remembers the names like that, like salt and pepper. You can imagine the surprise and shock when I got the news- actually delayed news. I received a message late at night/early morning, telling me to please phone, it’s not good news, it is devastating news.

Beyond the Manger

My best friends in the third grade were twin sisters, Annette and Arlene Frier.  They told me that Chanukah was not a big deal. I believed them. Their father was a Rabbi.  

I was brought up to believe in Baby Jesus. I had a Catholic mass card imprinted with his face aglow under a mass of blonde curls and a halo. In my child-like wonder, I recognized myself in that face.

Forgive me, but I didn’t see a fundamental...