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How Well Does Your Body Feel?


How Well Does Your Body Feel? Make a note of it!!! We have spent thousands on education, degrees, and our minds to get to where we are today and yet, why do we not spend the same amount of time on our food and our bodies? Where's the research there? Perhaps you bloat after eating wheat bread or start coughing and producing phlegm after having ice cream? Have you determined what the specific problem might be in regards to why you feel that way after eating those items? Think about it. It might be a food allergy and yet we continue the same pattern, eating the wrong foods for our specific type of body.

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All the Sci-Fi movies make me really rethink a future with robots at our side. The various films explore what those relationships might be like and have me wonder, would it actually be an improvement to who we already are with and for each other?

Good Law and Good Fishing

From Nebraska: The water is still, like glass, when the sun crests the horizon. Silence, except for a few loons crooning in the distance and the unmistakable sound of a fish jumping. There’s nothing quite like that moment of the day for a fisherperson.

Comfort Food | A Little Touch of Salt!

Salt! We swim in it, fish in it, boat in it. We scrub our bodies with it to freshen our skin. Yet we spend a lot of energy trying to control this mineral in our bodies.


“We’re going to the horse show; want to come along?” This, from Linda, the stable trainer/manager. “It’s cross-country, and you said you’ve always wanted to do it,” she added, coaxingly. “But I’m 74, Linda, aren’t I too old?” “If you can do it, you’re not too old!” she sensibly answered, so I signed up. 

I didn’t own a horse, but there was a little mustang in the barn named Knight I thought could do the job.  We trucked over that...