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When In Doubt, Don’t Go Out.


You and your friends pick out a restaurant you have never been to before and decide on a time. Your waiter hands you a menu with so many items on it, you feel overwhelmed. Wait, where are we in the world? India, China? Where do you start?  You look at your group of friends and think, who picked this place out? Oh, yeah, that’s right, you did.

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“We’re going to the horse show; want to come along?” This, from Linda, the stable trainer/manager. “It’s cross-country, and you said you’ve always wanted to do it,” she added, coaxingly. “But I’m 74, Linda, aren’t I too old?” “If you can do it...

Who Will Bell the Cat?

“Who is going to stop Howard?” our neighbors moaned.  Howard, a long-term resident in our NYC co-op, had a slick way of – as a Board member – slipping in building legislation that invariably managed to benefit...

Keeping it Cool

Boston’s ice cream scene is hot all winter

While it may be known as “home of the bean and the cod,” MA is also one of the largest consumers of ice cream per capita in the United States. In the summer, that...

Risky Initiation


Playing it safe leads to an unadventurous life. How then should we take on that element of risk—to precipitate the virtue out of this dangerous mixture of spice and vice? No time is ever just right—you either go for...

Solo Travel: Wanderlust for One

Imagine: you step off a train in a small French town. The station doesn’t have internet access and you don’t have a place to stay. As the sun begins to set, you’re forced to walk down the cobbled streets, hoping a tattered-looking hotel spotted...