There’s No Place Like Home


In northwestern Pennsylvania, some young people leave the area in search of success, and a good number end up returning. Sometimes it takes decades.

That’s the case with Wendy Ertl Rhines. In the early 1990s, she moved from Erie, PA, to Greensboro, NC, for her husband’s career. “I was excited about building a new house and home. I looked forward to the warmer weather. But I was homesick before I even left and was sad to leave my family and friends behind.”

Wendy finished up her degree at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She enjoyed a successful marketing career, and along with her husband, Kevin, and kids Holly and Kyle, thrived in the much-sunnier climate.

By 2011, with both children grown and out of the house, Wendy and Kevin...

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The Gaboriau Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa Closing on July 20

The Gaboriau Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa will close on Thursday, July 20. Henri P. Gaboriau, MD, FACS is moving to the Massena Memorial Hospital in Massena, New York.

From Denver | Wasted

I make my money on the streets of Denver, a performer trying to earn enough "by donation" to pay what small bills I have, and doing this day in, day out, block by fulsome block you can't help but get a sense of the seasons. October's long passed, nights are longer lasting, and Autumn is a jolt of desperation.

There's a sullen resistance here to the gravity it hints at, sweaters and scarves anticipating biting cold, thoughts...

Neighborhood Activists Pressure the City of Seattle

From Seattle 

Neighborhood Activists Pressure the City of Seattle to Do the Right Thing

In a city choked by the heavy artillery of cranes and construction crews, two Seattle residents are taking a stand in their own Queen Anne neighborhood. Jack and Louise Locke are the voice of reason during the great Seattle construction boom. They want to stop the rezoning of a single family...

Skate for Change: The Enthusiastic, Unorganized Charity of Nebraska Millennials

The perceived high work ethic and associated integrity of Nebraskans has been showing up in interesting ways for the state’s millennials (people reaching young adulthood around the year 2000). Although young Nebraskans participate in charities of all kinds, some are noticing a trend in “unofficial” charity taking place.

One example is the Skate for Change movement, which began in western Nebraska with one skater and has expanded...

Distinguished Veteran Directs Home Base Program

A retired general joins the Boston Red Sox, Massachusetts General Hospital and area sponsors to aid post-9/11 veterans