PR for People Editorial Guidelines

We invite people to share their news on our web portal. 

We have different categories for our contributing writers. Some writers are paid for their work. Most are not paid. Below are the categories for our contributing writers.

Professional Journalists. Professional journalists and freelance writers are paid for their articles. These articles are deemed as express works for hire. We assign a news story to reporters and ask them to deliver an article on deadline that is restricted by word count. The pay scale varies according to the length of the assignment and its complexity.  How do you know if you qualify as a professional journalist? You have an established track record of media clippings. As a journalist or professional freelance writer, you are listed and have a pitching profile on Cision (PR Newswire.) You are a member of the (SPJ) Society of Professional Journalists or the (ASJA) American Society of Journalists and Authors.

All other writers. Submit articles and posts that demonstrate your expertise, experience, and topics of interest.  Our editorial team will review your articles and edit them for clarity, economy of language and correct usage. Our aim is to ensure that the work written by our subscribers is polished and professional. Our editors will select those articles that can be used in our digital magazine or aggregated on our news portal. 

PR Professionals. We are always interested in your great story ideas and original content. Before pitching us, please review the content and categories on the website to determine if we are a fit for your news.

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