What is PR for People?

PR for People is many things. First and foremost PR for People provides a media platform so people can share their news with the world.  PR for People provides our subscribers with our monthly digital magazine, our podcasts and newsflashes. We also provide the media with access to high quality, readymade news stories. Learn more about PR for People

Who would benefit from subscribing to PR for People?

Do you like smart people? Good people? Real people? The people we write about are working hard to make a difference in the world! Anyone who wants to get real news about real people can subscribe to PR for People—for free.

Who do you write about?

The people we write about are newsmakers who come from all walks of life, and include, but are not limited to, activists, academics, attorneys, accountants, actors, architects, artists, authors, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, beauty experts, chefs, crafts people, dancers, dentists, designers, educators, economists, fashion designers, financial planners, graphic designers, interior designers, IT specialists, healthcare practitioners, HR consultants, medical doctors, musicians, nutritionists, poets, research scientists, retailers, business coaches, sports coaches and therapists. Did we forget anybody? We share news about real people.

Is PR for People a social networking community? 

PR for People is not a social networking community per se. However, we do host networking and educational events, and charge fees to attend. The purpose of our events is to provide the opportunity for participants to recognize their unique place in the current market economy. We like to see our participants exchange contacts and information to help each other grow. We also make introductions upon request, but only with the express consent of both parties. We empower people to thrive.

What does the PR for People website offer?

PR for People is a media outlet that gives people the ability to share their news with the world. Get the monthly Connector magazine. Get our podcasts. Get our newsflashes.   

How do people get their news published on PR for People?

Anyone can pitch their ideas and submit their articles to news@prforpeople.com. We choose what to write about. If we are interested in your story pitch, we will assign a writer to the story. If you are submitting an article, we will decide if it is relevant to our readership. Stories are selected according to editors’ discretion. These stories are chosen for their excellence in writing style, timely coverage, and originality. We polish and edit the articles to ensure they conform to high professional standards.  We choose who will be on the cover of our magazine based on numerous factors, including the editorial topic of the month, and according to topics that are trending in the current news cycle.  

How do I subscribe to PR for People news?

Sign up on our website and subscribe to our news platform—that window is located in upper right of the home page. There is no fee to join PR for People as a subscriber. 

Do I need a press kit?

We give our writers a press kit, so whatever they write is archived. We can provide an online press kit platform to people who are not among our writers, but they need to contact our partner Xanthus Communications to get one. If you plan to work with the media, then you should get a press kit. 

How can I unsubscribe?

You can opt-out at any time. Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of any, magazine, podcast, or newsflash. 

How is my privacy protected?

PR for People adheres to a strong privacy policy. We do not release your contact information to third-party vendors or advertisers. We release information to the press or to other PR for People members only with your express consent. Please keep in mind that you, too, are responsible for managing and protecting your information. We urge you to exercise prudence, restraint and good judgment before posting your professional information online and urge special caution about what you choose to share on social media. Always remember, whatever you post online, stays out there for a long time. 

Does PR for People offer PR services?

PR for People no longer offers PR tools or PR services. We do, however, recommend the full-service PR firm Xanthus Communications. Founded in 2003 by Patricia Vaccarino, Xanthus Communications is now under new management. In 2019 Ms. Vaccarino decided to take a step back from accepting new clients to focus on writing books, articles and essays. Kaitlin (Katie) Culp now manages Xanthus Communications. The firm offers the full array of PR services and PR counsel. For more information, contact: Xanthus@xanthuscom.com.