Randy Friedberg: Entertained by the Law

Confucius (the real one) said, “Find a job you love and never work another day in your life.” Randy Friedberg has managed to follow that sage advice

“I know very few lawyers that actually enjoy being lawyers,” Friedberg said, “and I’...

Wali Collins Still Never Knows (Why Not?)

This is a story about having good luck – and about making your own.

Stand-up comedy is a tough field. Comics have a drive that supersedes their rational side. That’s why so many tell stories about well-meaning family members...

Excerpt from: EXIT 102

This is an Excerpt from: EXIT 102

Is Being an Entrepreneur Good for Your Health?

Many of us look at entrepreneurs in awe. We think of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and say, “Wow, they are amazing people, and I want to be a successful entrepreneur like them!” We imagine gaining independence...