The Climate Refugee Crisis

It’s a life-and-death threat, and it’s going to get much worse.  What can we do? There is in fact a deadly nexus of influences at work that could multiply the estimated number of refugees. This is a unique moment in the history of life on Earth, and in our own history as a species.  We must make a collective choice whether to live or die.

A Fundamental Difference Between Humans and AI Machines in Terms of Learning

As robots can act in many ways more and more like humans, it becomes more and more meaningful to be philosophically clear about the fundamental difference between humans and AI machines in terms of learning. This knowledge is desired not only when it comes to the century long question of whether computers can outsmart humans, but also for the sake of knowing the potential and limit of AI development in areas such as AI translation, Human-Machine conversation, and more……

Risk Management and Mass Shootings

The risk explored here today is that of mass shootings. The question is whether we are doing all that we can to mitigate that risk – and whether, beyond some very straightforward laws that could be put in place, it is even possible to mitigate the risk. 

The True Nature of Science

When awed by the aura of science, most people, scientists and non-scientists, have never seriously thought about what science really is and what the limit of science would be. Even philosophers, who are supposed to offer answers to questions of this kind are generally very confused about what science really is. This confusion itself is not a trivial matter as many scholars might have thought so, because of the crucial position of science in the civilization, which is indeed the source of the erroneous exaggeration of the role of science beyond its true nature.

Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Bionic Brain

Beyond Artificial Intelligence:  The Bionic Brain Elon Musk is on to something.  Could this be a road to utopia? Or not.

Five Things to Do Before Launch

Five Things to Do Before Launching a New Innovation or a New Product....

NOTES FROM THE WORKING-CLASS: On the Road to Woodstock

You didn’t need a road map or directions to get to Woodstock. An incredible buzz traveled through the air.  By some eyewitness accounts, a “half-a-million-strong” got together on Sam Yasgur’s Farm to hang out and listen to great music.