Becoming Jane

When National Geographic approached Brett Morgen about directing a documentary on legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, he wouldn’t even consider it. There had been enough documentaries made on the trailblazing scientist and there seemed to be nothing more to say. First to agree with him was Goodall herself.

Economic Markets Versus Basic Needs: A Biological Approach to the “Dismal Science”

Going forward, the “bioeconomy” must take precedence.  (An outline for achieving what might be called “the next major transition” in evolution is provided in my forthcoming 2018 book Synergistic Selection: How Cooperation has Shaped Evolution and the Rise of Humankind.)  To borrow a punch-line from the great twentieth century biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, “the future is not vouchsafed by any law of nature, but it may be striven for.”

Alabama | It’s All On You

Not much has changed since Cookie Colangelo was deluged by unwanted advances back in 1971, except women aren’t going to put up with it anymore! It’s all on you, Alabama! You didn’t create the merry-go-round, but you can step up to the plate and say enough is enough!

Album Release Parties, Brunettes Going Blonde, and the Hottest App in the Country

Album Release Parties, Brunettes Going Blonde, and the Hottest App in the Country: News From Dave Temple, Ian Lara, Ricky Velez, Adam Ray, Ben Bailey, Scott Rogowsky and more!

Happiness and the Law? Really?

Can anyone’s initial encounter with our civil justice system possibly originate from a wellspring of happiness?  Or is it more like a collision born of grievance, delivered or received?  After thirty-five years of law practice, the only happy litigants that I’ve encountered can reliably be identified as insane.  Including the lawyers?  Sometimes.

The Fair Society: It’s Time to Re-write the Social Contract

Many Americans were outraged when the Wall Street banks paid out an estimated $18.4 billion in executive and staff bonuses in 2009, even while the economy was being cratered by the financial meltdown and the Great Recession.1  It seemed very unfair; the perpetrators were being rewarded while the victims were paying a terrible price.  

Another Take On Inspiration

  Just happened to be scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a suggested post, which is sort of an advertisement for the "iPhone School Of Photography." What was interesting was the fellow in the video was not trying to sell the school, but was actually giving real, usable information for free. I checked this all out and it all worked perfectly. (I always check out EVERYTHING I read on any social media because it is wholly unedited and therefore needs to be vetted carefully for factual information because there is a great deal of dis-information out there).

The Fairness Instinct and the Social Contract

 One of the important findings of the emerging, multi-disciplinary science of human nature is that humans do, indeed, have an innate sense of fairness.  We regularly display a concern for others’ interests as well as our own, and we even show a willingness to punish perceived acts of unfairness.