A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes – Gale Eaton

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BOOKS: By Barbara Lloyd McMichael

A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes – Gale Eaton

Tilbury House – 272 pp - $24.95

 Fake news has certainly been having a hey-day. From the White...

Broadway Beat | MARCH

While the fall was stacked with openings of original musicals like Dear Evan Hansen, The Great Comet & Come from Away, this spring brings a handful of exciting new plays to Broadway.  Three plays in particular, Oslo, Sweat, and Indecent, are already strong contenders to win the Tony Award for Best Play. 

When In Doubt, Don’t Go Out.

You and your friends pick out a restaurant you have never been to before and decide on a time. Your waiter hands you a menu with so many items on it, you feel overwhelmed. Wait, where are we in the world? India, China? Where do you start?  You look at your group of friends and think, who picked this place out? Oh, yeah, that’s right, you did.

Beware of Digital Scammers – of all sorts!

Personal Digital Strategy is a vital aspect of everyday computer/online usage.  Knowing the ropes and not being naïve keeps you safe and secure. Malefactors and criminals of various sorts – CROOKS! – prey on unsuspecting web users.  Here are some scenarios and tips on protective measures you can take, and being aware of the bad guys out there.