Senate Republicans have more to lose than the Senate Democrats in the Trump Trial

Realistically the focus for the Democrats should be to sway public opinion, more than persuading the Republicans to convict Trump.

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.'' - From The Prophet Amos

On January 9, 1987, a date when most of my current students had not yet been born, President Ronald Regan proclaimed the third Monday in January of each year a public holiday in honor of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK). He left an indelible mark upon me and hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

“Biosocialism”: A New Social Contract for a Species in Peril

We can no longer indulge the one-sided, polarizing and divisive ideologies of the 20th century. The stakes are too high. Here is a very different alternative. 

Did Aristotle Know the Cause of Eclipse of Moon?

When I was a student, I learned in the class of world history that everyone thought the earth was flat until Columbus, et al, sailed around it. Is that really true?......


In November 2019 Julieta Altamirano-Crosby won a position as a council member for the city of Lynnwood. She is the first Latina to hold that office in Snohomish County. 

For the People | Para la Gente

Many libraries across America offer books and many other digital resources in Spanish. In our own backyard, the Seattle Public Library offers everything from a fine collection of books in Spanish to weekly conversational classes for people to practice Spanish. This month, we focus on the Seattle Public Library’s wealth of Spanish language materials, offered for free as a service to the community. 

Artist Mira Lehr is Confronting Climate Armageddon

“The time to act is now. We must start referring to this perilous issue as what it really is: Climate Armageddon,” says Mira Lehr. 

At the age of 85 and with a career that spans six decades, Lehr is creating more new art now than at any other point in her life - with a heightened sense of urgency.

How Will Americans Remember 2020?

How will Americans remember 2020? A new study from Bospar PR asked Americans* what they think people will call the 2020's. There were a wide variety of thoughts, including:

22.2% said The 2020s 10.1% said The Roaring ’20s 9.6% said The year of twenty questions 7.4% said The perfect vision decade 7.3% said The perfect vision decade 6.7% said The year of elections 31.6% said No one knows just yet 

What do Americans expect from the new year? 

32.3% think “bigger than before” since “2020 has a nice ring to it” 17.6% think “smaller” due to “concerns over economic slowdown” 43% think “same as last year” 7.1% think it will be “overshadowed by impeachment news”