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   The American Dream has always included the idea of satisfying employment and upward mobility, but a new book by Deepak Singh sketches out a less rosy reality.

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Patricia Vaccarino Author Chat June 22 Yonkers Public Library

The Yonkers Public Library hosts Patricia Vaccarino in author chat via zoom on Thursday, June 22.

Book Review: Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome is a bumpy sleigh ride through the icy white world of Ethan Frome, Mattie Silver and Zeena Frome, who are all doomed to freeze eternally.

Decline of Stories About the Urban Working Class

According to author Patricia Vaccarino, “I keep a very close eye on what is being published. My Yonkers Trilogy did not fit the current needs of agents or publishers. Stories about the urban working-class are not welcome at this time.”

Discussion Guide Planned for Yonkers Trilogy

A Discussion Guide is in development to address the controversial issues in Patricia Vaccarino’s Yonkers Trilogy. Titled Yonkers Beats, this Discussion Guide is intended for use by teachers, book clubs—or anyone who wants—to examine controversial topics that engender difficult conversations. 

So Not Yonkers is the third book in the Yonkers trilogy

So Not Yonkers by Patricia Vaccarino has been released. Ms. Vaccarino’s controversial coming-of-age novels take us on a dark journey encountering racism, sexual harassment, abortion, child abuse, homophobia, mental illness, organized crime, violence, death, lost love and lost friendship among the working class and poor in Yonkers. So Not Yonkers is the third book in her Yonkers trilogy.