Episode 28  | Cut By Cut

Cut By Cut draws the reader into a single November day in Seattle: pounding rain, wind, and the things Seattleites think about to get through the dark nights and often darker days: money, sex, power, and evolving relationships. Organized the way a film is cut, this superbly written, fast-paced story of betrayal and murder is a cut above other thrillers.


Episode 27  | ALANA BELLE—A Woman After Our Own Hearts

Singer, Songwriter, Filmmaker Alana Belle was featured on the cover of our February 2018 Magazine. A lot has changed since she released her film and album. After releasing her art into the world she came to embrace her soul and found a new purpose.

Episode 26  | The Death of a Library: An American Tragedy

The Yonkers Carnegie Library was commonly held to be the most beautiful building in the city. The circumstances that led to the death of the library are steeped in half-truths, incredible lies, and wild rumors that range from political corruption to bumbling incompetence. But What really happened? Today we speak with Patricia vaccarino and her latest book The Death of a Library: An American Tragedy a book that uncovers the truth.

Episode 25  | Environmental Justice for All

This month our featured article is about Environmental Justice. I had a conversation with Barbara Lloyd McMichael on her article Environmental Justice for All and about where the movement currently stands.

Episode 24  | Rachel Baucom | My Job is to Teach

Rachel Baucom teaches first grade in a public school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We talked about her concerns for the reopening of schools amidst the Covid epidemic. The article on Rachel Baucom by Patricia Vaccarino is our featured article this month.

Episode 23  | Robert Dekkers | Dance Moves On by Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino wrote the article Robert Dekkers Dance Moves On. About Robert Dekkers the Artistic Director of the Berkeley Ballet Theater (BBT); he is also founder and Artistic Director of the avant-garde dance company Post:Ballet.

Episode 22  | Vote-by-Mail | A Reality Check by Barbara Lloyd McMichael

We spoke with Barbara Lloyd McMichael about her article on this months issue of the Connector. Barbara wrote Vote By Mail A Reality Check all about voting by mail and the united states postal service. The issue is out now and here is our conversation.

Episode 21  | Small Business in America | What’s happening on Main Street?

The Local effects of a global pandemic and how COVID-19 has affected the city of Kent,WA.

Special Episode  | Into The Heart of Yonkers

A conversation on the second installment of Patricia Vaccarino's series set in Yonkers NY.

Episode 19 | The Heart of Yonkers

Do you remember your first love? From the brink of the Hudson River, we travel with fifteen-year-old Cookie Colangelo into The Heart of Yonkers.

Episode 18 | WILLIAM LULOW – Capturing the Rhythm of Light

All about master photographer William “Bill” Lulow.

Episode 17 | Marcella Nardi | Writing from the Heart

All about Author Marcella Nardi. Her writing method, why she likes writing mysteries and her take on American Culture.

Episode 16 | LOVE BEYOND BORDERS by Barbara Lloyd McMichael

All about the Seattle Men's Chorus and their upcoming program Love Beyond Borders. Which joins pop sounds from LGBTQ artists with inspiring stories of escape and hope from LGBTQ refugees.

Episode 15.2 | El Camino Hacia La Valentia con Julieta Altamarino Crosby

Hablamos con Julieta Altamirano-Crosby, miembro del Concejo Municipal de Lynnwood. Hablamos sobre su experiencia al mudarse a los Estados Unidos y su trabajo dentro de la comunidad latina en el estado de Washington y como llego a el concejo municipal de Lynwood.

Episode 15.1 | The Road To Courage with Julieta Altamarino Crosby

We speak with Julieta Altamirano-Crosby, member of the Lynnwood City Council. We talked about her experience moving to the United States and her work within the Latino community in Washington state and what it took to run for Lynwood city council.


Episode 14 | 

John de Graaf has been a documentary film maker since 1977, primarily for public television. With his work he has covered Agriculture, consumerism and the topic of this months featured article vacation law.


Episode 13 | 

What started as an interesting discovery of discarded books really turned into a realization about the importance of History and Knowledge within our democracy. Proving that History does indeed matter.



Episode 12 |

Today I am speaking with Barbara Lloyd McMichael about her article Building the Whale Trail which is featured on this month’s issue of The Connector.



We’re celebrating the 7th Anniversary of our digital magazine The Connector. In this episode we discuss how we started the magazine.



This is the third podcast in a series of three, discussing the latest book by Patricia Vaccarino—Our third episode covers The Heart of Yonkers and what it means to be working-class.



This is the second podcast in a series of three, discussing the latest book by Patricia Vaccarino—Our second episode covers The Heart of Yonkers within the context of the Vietnam War.


This is the first podcast in a series of three, discussing the latest book by Patricia Vaccarino—The Heart of Yonkers.

Episode 7 | PR for People Chapter II Positioning

We discuss the second chapter of pr for people with its author Patricia Vaccarino.

Episode 6 | Media Think Tank

PR for People® sponsored a frank discussion exploring the State-of-the-Media.


Episode 5 | PR for People Chapter I Persona

In order to be seen and heard above the din and to reach the right target audiences, everyone must build a solid brand identity. Listen as we discuss the first chapter of pr for people with its author Patricia Vaccarino.


Episode 4 | Peter Corning

An interview with Peter Corning director of the Institute for the Study of Complex Systems in Seattle, Washington and Author of LAST CHANCE! A Species in Peril Which Future Will We Choose?


Episode 3 | Gregg Bertram

I spoke with Gregg Bertram, one of the most experienced and successful mediators in the U.S.


Episode 2 | Patricia Vaccarino

I talked with our founder Patricia Vaccarino and her most recent work of fiction Yonkers Yonkers!: A Story of Race and Redemption.


Episode 1 | Alana Belle

When I started to think about our first episode and who I should interview, the first name that came to mind was Alana Belle. We’ve covered her in past issues of The Connector magazine, she is an educator, an artist and a mother.