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Thank you for exploring PR for People. We believe everyone has a voice and deserves the right to be heard. We have created a news site so people can share their news stories with the world. Journalists can search our news about people to enrich their own news stories that they are writing for other media outlets.

Your news is very important to us. We are seeking writers who can cover news about people in their region. Above all, our mission is to cover real news about real people. We have a limited budget to pay professional writers who have a proven track record of getting paid by other media outlets. Many of our writers are not professionals and are writing to develop their clips and/or to get stories published about their clients or colleagues.

If you would like to write for PR for People, check out our website, so you can get an idea of the type of stories we publish. What stories do you think you can contribute? We are always happy to hear from a new voice that has the power to inspire our readers. Feel free to email us with your stories or news items:


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