In the Belly of the Whale


Why bother to hire a P.R firm when you can do it yourself? Would you extract your own teeth, perform surgery on your own brain, or represent yourself pro se in a court of law?  Okay, maybe you think P.R. is something easy that anyone can do, but it’s not true. In the age of trolls, flamers and bullies, you will end up being swallowed by a big flopping fish. Floundering? It’s warm down there in the belly of the whale. Dark too.  You think you’re going somewhere but you’re not. Why stay there and drown when you could be swimming upstream?

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Latest Posts in News

High School Students to Attend Journalism Conference at the Newseum

The conference convenes the nation's most talented students interested in pursuing journalism careers.    

PR for People® Announces Judges for Matt Kramer Award

The PR for People® Matt Kramer Award for Excellence in Journalism recognizes a journalist who has told a powerful and compelling news story about a person who is making a difference in the world. Journalists are invited to submit links to their news stories by the deadline of August 31, 2017. The journalist who wrote the winning entry shall receive a monetary stipend of $500 U.S dollars and promotion of the award designation to global media.  


The Robots are Here!

Seattle Academy's robotics program supports the development of student skills in the context of building a robot to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). 

Troy Hunter Joins Pacific ADR Consulting LLC

 A.Troy Hunter has joined Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC as a panel member.  He has developed a reputation for being a creative and highly effective trial attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants in construction disputes, product liability, fire losses, personal injury/wrongful death, and cases involving sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct.