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What is your legacy? What is that thing or things that will carry on your spirit and of your beliefs after you leave this planet? What is that something you have put your heart and soul into? It could be your children or your score at the video arcade or a recipe of your own design.

         It is such a waste of anyone’s life to just exist. You are here for a reason. Show how your life was worth something.


Bernard-Henri Lévy: The People’s Pig

The self-proclaimed French public intellectual Bernard-Henry Lévy, who was born into great wealth, once reportedly said, “I knew when I was 20 that I’d never have to suck up to anyone.”

He often associates himself with other notable men, such as Charles Baudelaire, Andre Malraux and T.E. Lawrence. Anointing himself the successor to Alexis de Tocqueville, Bernard-Henry Lévy toured America as if it were a freak show. The result...

Wali Collins: he’s not only funny, he’s Fashionable

NYC Comedian, Author and Entrepreneur Wali Collins has done more than create a popular movement around his Y'NEVANO Book of ENCOURAGEMENTS.  He has created a line of apparel that includes T-shirts, sweats, underwear, and accessories such as wristbands and baseball caps, all to remind you to live a regret-less life in the Y’NEVANO state of mind. The apparel line is one more extension of the growing Y’NEVANO...