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YONKERS Yonkers!


YONKERS Yonkers! is a new novel by Patricia Vaccarino. A young Italian girl Cookie Colangelo and a shy black boy Herman Lynch explore the heart of racial prejudice in working-class Yonkers circa 1969-71.

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Professional Lighting With An iPhone?

I'm not sure what the future iterations of iPhones will be like, but I am sure that manufacturers will try to make the taking of professional grade images ubiquitous worldwide in the next few years!

Why Photographs Need To Be Printed!

Bill Lulow is our regular columnist who covers photography for "The Connector."  In this article "Try to break the addiction to screens by printing your images!" the adorable baby girl just happens to be his granddaughter!


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How To Shoot With A Long Telephoto Lens

Long telephoto lenses serve the purpose of bringing your subject closer and making it appear larger in the frame so that the viewer can see details that would normally be too small to see otherwise.

Long telephoto lenses:

Are usually heavy and require a tripod (some long lenses are actually mounted on the tripod and then the camera is attached to the lens) Compress distances and therefore, elements...

Making Images With Your iPhone

Nearly everyone has some kind of smartphone these days, and since they all have cameras built in to them, nearly everyone takes pictures these days. You don't need to carry a "real" camera anymore. Just use your phone!

The problem is that nearly everyone simply raises their phone to their eye and snaps away. And most people find that very easy, but there is a whole lot more to making good images than to simply record what's in...