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Art is in the eye of the beholder and the passion thereof time and limitless. The same can be said about Brad Twaddle’s immeasurable energy and passion for Dancing and the Arts.

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Art Gets a Free Ride

Whenever I’m writing a book, the research I do to enrich my story’s authenticity takes me to new heights. My latest novel about an artist depicts Arcis, an artport for art storage. Arcis is a tax haven that shields mega high-net-worth art collectors from having to pay taxes (sales tax to the city of New York and duty to U.S. Customs.)

Unsung Hero: The Woman Behind “America the Beautiful”

The third song to be sung in the Super Bowl pre-game program is “America the Beautiful,” a perennial favorite in the nation’s canon of patriotic music. The Woman Behind America the Beautiful is an unsung hero. The song was written first as a poem by Katharine Lee Bates, a young Wellesley College professor.

Robin Lindley Interviews Director Lynn Novick and Senior Producer Sarah Botstein on the Hemingway Documentary

Director Lynn Novick and Senior Producer Sarah Botstein discuss the research and production process for the new Ernest Hemingway documentary, which they worked with Ken Burns to complete. 

Preserving the Past | Protecting the Future

Sarah Steen is the landmarks coordinator for the King County Historic Preservation Program, located in Washington State. 

Barbie Gives Good Head

As a tween or teen, Barbie never resonated with me. When I was fourteen, I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. She had a collection of Barbie dolls, complete with a fantastic wardrobe, a pink plastic car, and Ken. Too old to play with dolls and bored, we whiled away the night trying to make Ken and Barbie have sex, an impossible feat. Both dolls lacked genitalia.