PR for People® Book Reviews: How May I Help You?


   The American Dream has always included the idea of satisfying employment and upward mobility, but a new book by Deepak Singh sketches out a less rosy reality.

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PR for People® Book Reviews May 2016

By Barbara Lloyd McMichael

​Digital Humanitarians – Patrick Meier

The word “do-gooders” originated back in the 1920s as a pejorative that conservatives used against progressives. Now there’s a 21st century deprecation that began in much the same way: take the term crowdsourcing (a word coined in 2006), sprinkle with a bit of Harry Potter magic dust, and presto! – it transforms into “...

Making a Leg

While almost anyone can puff up his chest and call himself a writer, developing writing mastery takes as many hours of practice as it takes to become a ballerina. In ballet, it takes many years of training to be able to extend one’s leg in a perfect line that appears to stretch to infinity.  It’s called making a leg. Developing correct muscle formation in the feet and legs takes years of practice. No one ever thinks it will happen...

Our Pets and Our Books

The Girvin Book Collection

The Seattle office of GIRVIN maintains and grows a multi-thousand volume collection of books on design. There is a wide range of reference works that has taken multiple decades to collect.  There are rare books, ranging from signed and numbered limited edition books, to rare books that are centuries old. A hand-illuminated Quran reside beside an ancient cuneiform ceramic cone from ancient Mesopotamia, a first century Greek tutelary epigraph...

Paul Dorset on Authors

Paul Dorset was born in Poole, Dorset, England, but has been living in America since1995. He has been writing for many years and some of his early works were published inteen advice columns. He has also had many technical articles published, mostly oncomputing. Paul has traveled extensively but currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, and has workedmany times with teens and youth groups. This background, combined with a vividimagination,...