Ken Woolcott: What Basketball means to me and this town

Ken Woolcott, who grew up in Tacoma, remembers as a kid that his family couldn’t afford Sonics tickets, so he listened to the game on the radio. He still remembers the day he accidentally discovered the stunning view from Kerry Park on a college era jog through Seattle.  Ken has always loved all things basketball, and his passion for the sport and the success of his business enabled him to become a minority owner in the Seattle SuperSonics basketball team.    For most of his life, playing basketball as a hobby has been his passion.  His company funded the kids’ basketball court that is located in lower Kerry Park.  These days, Ken has been involved in the initiative to build a new arena and to bring an NBA team home.

Woolcott believes that basketball is a game changer—Basketball has the power to inspire and change lives. He said when “I was a kid, my family was poor, but basket ball gave me an opportunity.  It gave me something to believe in that went way beyond the game.  Basketball was a door to the future.  And it was something I really enjoyed doing. I’d like to see all kids have this opportunity.  Kids need heroes to look up to and to believe in.  I think we need to have an NBA team back home again! “– PR for People Team


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