A mouth-watering Thanksgiving Feast!


Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson has been cooking incredible meals on the land and on the sea for over 25 years. As a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field, we are truly grateful to have her tips for making a memorable, mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast!

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From Boston: Buzzing for Real Food


Experienced edibles entrepreneur gets energy from giving it

For active, busy people caught up in the daily grind, coffee has historically been the “go to” energy booster. But now there’s a new way to get the buzz – it’s Java Me Up, a delicious, portable, coffee-fueled snack line created by Lisa Newmann, a pioneer in the healthy snack industry.

Java Me Up is a brand of coffee bars...

Feeling the Fire


Feeling the Fire

Indie coffee roaster burns into the market

Despite the ease with which people can get a cup of coffee these days, many still

like to take the time to hand-craft their own.

Patrick Maloney, founder and owner of Blue Fire Coffee Roasters in Hopedale, MA. “stumbled into the coffee business in 2004,”...

A Great Place to “Chill”


A Great Place to “Chill”

Boston-area ice cream store always has the neighborhood scoop

By Matt Robinson

When it comes to ice cream, MA is one of the top states in the union. Bay Staters eat more of the cool treat than nearly any other citizens. To make it in MA, therefore, takes something extra special!

In addition to...

Get Your Workout at the Diner

Boston landmark is now part of Pokemon world

For decades, the South Street Diner ( has been a staple on the Boston food scene. As the only 24-hour eatery in the downtown area (Ed note: Sad but true!), it offers traditional diner fare (e.g., corned beef hash, omelets, pancakes, etc.) as well as a surprisingly diverse and always delicious menu that includes their famed Chocolate Fantasy French Toast, a

Sweet Fluff: Dreamy Delights Cupcakery

In the world of hip confections, cupcakes are the new Krispy Kremes. Everyone from Beverley Hills pastry chef Candace Nelson, who lays claim to having started it all to TV’s “Two Broke Girls” have seized on the craze. None more delightfully than sisters Inezia Lisunov and Veronika Gusakov, founders of Seattle’s Dreamy Delights Cupcakery.

Both learned their craft of cooking and baking at a young...