Red Alert!


Red is a scary color that suggests the Red Scare, red alerts, and red herrings. Senator Joseph McCarthy used Red Scare propaganda to attack communism, socialism and radical leftism. Red alerts are deployed by law enforcement as the most dangerous warning of all. And red herrings? Well, you should know what they are, especially if you’ve read mystery novels. They’re false facts cleverly designed to throw you off track, so you never learn who the true perpetrator is until you reach the very end of the story.

These days we know the identity of the true perpetrator and his team who are highly adept at tossing red herrings. Red herrings are flourishing everywhere, because the true perpetrator is highly skilled at ranting like a bully, exploding in anger, and hurling...

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Tim Harris: Really Changing the World

On any given day in the central business and shopping districts in cities across America, often older men and women are hawking local newspapers on the street, eking out a living selling them to passers-by, one at a time.

                  These vendors are selling what are known as “street newspapers.” They are part and parcel of a movement begun nearly 30 years ago, empowering homeless people by raising their visibility, while...

Tourist Photography!

I have written before about how tourists are different from professional photographers who can visit a location for a week or a month or more just to get a specific image that they are after. Casual tourists don't have that luxury. They are in and out of a place quickly. So, how can the ordinary tourist come back with some spectacular images? One answer is to "look for the light." Since light is the most important element in almost every...

How Economic And Technological Trends Affect The Photography Industry

I was speaking to someone I've know since I became a professional photographer in the New York area who operates a small business that repairs photographic strobe equipment. Times are tough, he said, because these days it's cheaper and easier to toss what's broken and buy something new ­– and many of the old-time camera repair shops have permanently close their doors. These were places I learned about technologies that were advancing our...

Be on the Cover

“For years, I’ve wrestled with the notion of how to make PR an affordable commodity, instead of an expensive service that could only be bought by the superrich.” –Patricia Vaccarino

How to get picked up by the media

Even though the media has become highly fragmented, there is no greater credibility for your business than getting authentic news coverage.  There is more media than ever and these media outlets range from the equivalent of 3-pound dumbbells to the bench press. To get a larger audience, you want to shoot for top-tier press.  Let’s take two heavyweight contenders—The New York Times and Tech Crunch. How do you get in?...