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Red is a scary color that suggests the Red Scare, red alerts, and red herrings. Senator Joseph McCarthy used Red Scare propaganda to attack communism, socialism and radical leftism. Red alerts are deployed by law enforcement as the most dangerous warning of all. And red herrings? Well, you should know what they are, especially if you’ve read mystery novels. They’re false facts cleverly designed to throw you off track, so you never learn who the true perpetrator is until you reach the very end of the story.

These days we know the identity of the true perpetrator and his team who are highly adept at tossing red herrings. Red herrings are flourishing everywhere, because the true perpetrator is highly skilled at ranting like a bully, exploding in anger, and hurling...

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A Free and Independent Press

This past month – despite ongoing attacks from President Trump that range from characterizations like “the lying New York Times” to “fake news” (CNN) to “garbage” (BuzzFeed) – the American press continues to cover the White House closely. In fact, the press is increasing the breadth of its scrutiny with op-ed pieces such as those in the Washington Post and New York Times, as well as extended opinion pieces by on-air journalists like Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, and Rachel Maddow. 

On Leadership—This message is for you, yes you

On Leadership—This message is for you, yes you. What is a good leader? This question is too important to ignore.

BOOKS: The Big Thing – Phyllis Korkki

BOOKS: Book review by Barbara Lloyd McMichael How to stick your neck out and accomplish your Big Thing in 2017

The Big Thing – Phyllis Korkki HarperCollins – 256 pp - $26.99

Those of us who make the same New Year’s resolutions every January 1 without ever reaching our goal will find a kindred spirit in Phyllis Korkki – and rekindled hope. 

A business journalist for the New...

Feeding the Beast

First in a series of articles educating the public about the media. 

Imagine a world without newspapers. Every day another media outlet cuts their print counterpart to go strictly digital. And every media outlet reports a steady decline in revenue. Yet it’s hard to imagine a world without newspapers. There would be fewer materials to stuff broken windows and insulate walls....