PR for People® Announces Winner of the Matt Kramer Award for Excellence in Journalism

Xanthus Communications and PR for People® have announced the winner of the Matt Kramer Award for Excellence in Journalism. The award recognizes a journalist who has told a powerful and compelling news story about a person who is making a difference in the world. 

PR for People is happy to announce that Skid Robot: the street artist drawing attention to LA’s homeless residents is the winning entry for the Matt Kramer Award.  LA-based writer Jordan Riefe is the author of the article, which was originally published in The Guardian on February 23, 2016. Congratulations Jordan Riefe! Thank you for your fine work!

A panel of five judges evaluated the submissions and decide the winner of the Matt Kramer Award. The judges are Linda Ayares, Partner with Finn Partners; Gregg Bertram, CEO at Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC; George Erb, Journalist, Educator and former Editor of the Puget Sound Business Journal; Dave Gregorio, Editor at Reuters; and Barbara Lloyd McMichael, author of the syndicated book review column “The Bookmonger.”

Here are how the judges voted:

1. Skid Robot: the street artist drawing attention to LA’s homeless residents

The Guardian

February 23, 2016

Writer: Jordan Riefe

218 points


2. The Tacoma artist who is reframing how we see Black bodies


August 1, 2017

Writer: Rosemary Ponnekanti

209.50 points


Tied for 3rd Place

3. Doing an 'End Run' Around the Fuel Giants

PR for People The Connector Magazine

April 20, 2016 

Writer: Kindra Foster

201.5 points


Tied for 3rd Place

3. Falcons girls fly beyond basketball, working with Special Olympics athletes

Hillsboro Tribune

March 31, 2017

Writer: Wade Evanson

201.5 points


4. Parent Connection Supporting Loved Ones Grappling With Opiate-Related Tragedy

The Newtown Bee

July 9, 2016

Writer: John Voket

182.50 points

5. Unsung Heroine of Ivy League Publishing: Jennifer Crewe

PR for People The Connector Magazine

July 15, 2017

Writer: Anna Faktorovich Ph.D.

175.5 points


6. Forget Therapy Forget the Couch Think Horses

PR for People The Connector Magazine

August 15, 2017

Writer: Edith Lynn Beer

167.50 points


7. Life After NASA

Greenbelt Magazine 

May 2, 2016

Writer: Edith Lynn Beer

162.5 points


8. Altoona man, helping older population, ‘great role model’


The Altoona Mirror, JAN 10, 2017

Writer: Joel Solkoff

155.5 points


9. Citizen Potawatomi Nation Fuels Ambitions, Entrepreneurship

PR for People The Connector Magazine

February 24, 2017

Writer: JoAnne Dyer

141.5 points


10. Article on Marco Rubio and GOP's future

Huffington Post

March 03, 2017

Writer: Kevin Price

97 points


The Award has been created as a tribute to AP Journalist Matt Kramer. Matt Kramer was a veteran Associated Press reporter covering the Capitol beat and the 1967 session of the Oregon Legislature.  His astute and timely coverage of the "Beach Bill" that was reported in newspapers around the state kept the issue alive and in front of the people to decide the fate of public access to Oregon's beaches.

At the time, there was a strong movement among legislators who wanted to kill the "Beach Bill" in committee, which would have granted private beach rights and restricted access to self-entitled, wealthy estate owners and corporations.  In 1967, Matt Kramer wrote an article, "Beach Bill Revival Sought," which has been historically attributed as one reason why today Oregon has open beaches. 

Matt Kramer's work as an investigative reporter is an inspiration to showing us how integrity in journalism has a profound and lasting impact on the world.  Today, Oregon’s breathtaking ocean vistas and beaches are open to all.


About Xanthus Communications LLC and PR for People®

Patricia Vaccarino owns Xanthus Communications, a national PR firm, and the internet company, PR for People®, where people share their news with the world. Through its monthly magazine “The Connector” and its news portal, PR for People is committed to telling real news stories about real people.  Patricia Vaccarino has written award-winning film scripts, press materials, content, books, essays and articles.



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