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Wali Collins | On the TODAY Show on Monday, August 28, teaching Jenna Bush how to be funny.

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Where’s Wali?

It’s tough pinning down the mercurial Wali Collins! Last week, he was in Seattle making an appearance at the Bite Festival. Next thing, he’s on the way to Waterloo, New York to do a gig at the del Lago Resort & Casino. Then he’s bound for Denver to make an appearance at the Boat Festival, sponsored by the AARP. In between, he’s a regular at the Gotham, and Broadway Comedy Clubs in New York City. And every other month his Comedy Cup, where comedy gladiators battle to the death, is packing them in! 

Ren & Stimpy Doc, Carly Aquilino, Matteo Lane, Gone Girls and More

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Wali Collins' Comedy Cup on May 18th

Wali Collins Comedy Cup is back at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.

Comedy Gladiators Duel to the Death! NYC Jan 10th!!

Kicking off the New Year! Comedy Gladiators Duel to the Death!

On January Tuesday, 10th at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, Comedy Gladiators will battle to the death to win the Wali Collins Comedy Trophy!! Wali Collins presides as judge of this deadly battle where there is only one winner at the expense of another comedian’s sure death.




What is your legacy? What is that thing or things that will carry on your spirit and of your beliefs after you leave this planet? What is that something you have put your heart and soul into? It could be your children or your score at the video arcade or a recipe of your own design.

         It is such a waste of anyone’s life to just exist. You are here for a reason. Show how your life was worth something.