Wali Collins Comedy Cup Jan 16

Wali Collins Comedy Cup has now turned into a real sensation at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Comedy Gladiators battle to the death to win the Wali Collins Comedy Trophy!! Wali Collins presides as judge of this deadly battle where there is only one winner at the expense of another comedian’s sure death. The next event is slated for Tuesday, January 16. The Wali Collins Comedy Cup features top Comedians Nore Davis, Ayanna Dookie, Subhah Agarwal & Pete Lee. Check it out! Tickets are on sale now.

Wali Collins is America’s Most Loved Comedian. He is the first African American to have his own show on Comedy Central.  Wali is a regular at all of the mainstream comedy clubs in New York City and Los Angeles. He headlines and tours at comedy clubs in Europe and Asia. Now Wali has created a popular movement around his book The Y'NEVANO Book of ENCOURAGEMENTS.   Wali Collins’ best-selling “The Y’NEVANO Book of Encouragements” is available in electronic format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and has made it to No. 8, out of over 300,000 in the Happiness category on Amazon. Now that’s a jump. Pure ambition!








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