New Coloring Book Ancient Runes | On Meditation

Cosmic Art Center announces a unique style of coloring book.

Artist David L. Laing takes pride in seeing his designs colored. “Ancient Runes” is the first of a ground-breaking concept that marries coloring to Nordic yoga with mantras to be intoned while standing in a meditative pose—therein lies its absolute uniqueness!

Perform the pose, pronounce its characteristic sound and/or color its hand-inked design. This book format catapults “Ancient Runes” to the forefront of this “coloring for adults movement.”

By combining the three “E’s” of Entertainment (coloring), education (learning the runes) and engagement (meditation of poses) Laing offers an opportunity to receive energy straight from its source. He is currently engaged in the production of a twelve-volume coloring book series of which “Ancient Runes” is the first. He plans to reach out to all English speaking as well as non-English speaking markets. All who seek to color and meditate using his imaginative hand inked-images and designs.

 According to recent ranking of Amazon, five out of the top ten best selling books in the United States are adult coloring books. The beauty of the medium is that consumers want and need a “printed copy.”  Obviously, print is not dead, as book sales were up to 571 million in 2015 compared to 559 million in 2014, largely due to the surge of adult coloring books. “Ancient Runes”  is available for sale on Amazon.

   “Beauty can only be protected by blossoming.” - David L. Laing, from “Willing Evolution.”




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