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New Coloring Book Ancient Runes | On Meditation

Cosmic Art Center announces a unique style of coloring book.

Artist David L. Laing takes pride in seeing his designs colored. “Ancient Runes” is the first of a ground-breaking concept that marries coloring to Nordic yoga with mantras to be intoned while standing in a meditative pose—therein lies its absolute uniqueness!

Perform the pose, pronounce its characteristic sound and/or color its hand-inked design....

Yoga: Rx for Mind, Body, and Soul


Some folks slow down when they retire. Others pursue a passion, like Susan Black did, a former Gannon University vice-president who retired in 2009. Instead of putting her feet up, Susan went back to school, yoga school that is.

Susan had been practicing yoga since 1970, when her mother started exploring the discipline. A college cheerleader at the time, Susan liked the flexibility...