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TimeXtender, leader in data warehouse automation solutions, brings a renewed focus to the DWA and BI Markets!

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Doing an 'End Run' Around the Fuel Giants

“You’re either going to be written off as a crackpot or a genius,” laughed Kevin Kenney of Grassroots Energy, a compressed natural gas (CNG) think tank in Nebraska.

     He’s talking about the plight of inventors who come before their time. Kenney invented a highly-efficient CNG/diesel dual-fuel conversion process for existing diesel engines and a dispensing compressor that attaches to any natural gas meter. He says it has been a...

Digital Strategy in Medicine and Health


Digital Strategy in health and medicine comes in many forms.  Pharmaceutical companies use digital strategies to increase sales and marketing.  Big data offer analyses in drug research and development, as well as data sharing and the ability to compare large-scale studies across various environments.  Medical devices using sophisticated software are now the norm in hospitals and medical centers and clinics. 

On the...

Nebraska VentureTech Startup Approach Guarantees Success

“Ambition,” said Joseph Knecht, CEO and founder of VentureTech, “is not a standalone feeling.”

He’s talking about the fact that small startup companies often have one big limiting problem: they operate in a vacuum. According to Knecht, the answer is to surround oneself with passionate experts and reach out to potential customers before a product is developed to ensure it is something they’ll buy, even pre-selling it to guarantee...

Spotlight on Brent Brookler and

Brent Brookler, CEO/Founder of Flowboard is the quintessential entrepreneur in all things mobile. Product-driven and technology focused, Brent is passionate about startup culture and has been in the mobile space for over a decade. In 2000, he started Mobliss, a mobile game developer that powered the American Idol text voting program, and built early mobile games of Family Feud, NY Times Crossword and many others. Mobliss was sold to Index...

Disappearing Artifacts

On a recent stroll in NYC, I walked by an apartment house and could see into a stranger’s window, where I saw records (vinyl LPs) and books.  Since I recognized the books and the recording artists, it gave me a glimpse into this person’s life: age, tastes, and even probable religion.

There was a time when I could get a sense of someone (or a couple, a family or business)...