TX Financials Renamed LevorSuite

According to Jesper Vork, Execuitve Vice President of LevorBMS...

TimeXtender, Leader in DataWarehouse Automation (DWA) solutions, has sold its TX Financials (TXF) product in North America, to Levor Business Management Services (Levor BMS), to focus their strategy on doing what they do best – providing integrated data solutions to companies around the world. The rebranded product is now called LevorSuite.

“We are the place that companies have relied on for over 10 years to deliver the best automated system for unifying and analyzing cross-platform data in their organization,” said Heine Krog Iversen, Founder & CEO of TimeXtender. “It is time for us to focus all of our efforts - product development, sales, partner strategy and marketing activities, to ensure our place as the DWA platform and backend, that powers all analytical, business intelligence, and decision-supporting front-ends.”

This decision should be seen as a very aggressive and pro-active decision to focus TimeXtender on the company’s key business and assure all of their existing customers, partners as well as new business associates, that TimeXtender has an extremely clear purpose in what the company delivers – best-in-class Datawarehouse Automation solutions.

“To secure this focus further, we have chosen to sell the TX Financials business. We are certain that new and existing customers will get an even better solution in this set-up on both the short term and the long term, and it has been very important for us to maintain our good customer relationships in this transition,” Krog Iversen said. “We were able to build a great corporate performance automation solution, and we know Levor BMS will continue to grow a successful product on that foundation started by TimeXtender,” he continued.

Jesper Vork, vice president and TX Financials product manager of TimeXtender, will transition with the product to run LevorSuite at Levor BMS. Jesper has been with TimeXtender for almost three years, focused on leading the TX Financials product from its inception in 2014.

 “I have had the fortune of launching four amazing financial management products during the course of my 30 year career in various roles as both product architect and financial industry subject matter expert,” Jesper Vork, Executive Vice President, Levor BMS stated. “We have an exciting opportunity, with our partners like TimeXtender, to continue this journey, and change the face of how people view Corporate Performance Management. Too many companies are relying on outdated spreadsheets, and manual data entry for their financial management activities. LevorSuite is redefining the way financial professional operate, and taking away the painstaking process and drudgery, that has become all too common in the daily life of those responsible for day-to-day financial undertakings,” Vork said.

TX Financials in North America, will immediately transition to Levor BMS as LevorSuite, and continue to bring the same trusted and secure, corporate performance management automation solution, that current partners and customers are betting their business on. The LevorSuite solutions, will continue to be powered by TimeXtender for Datawarehouse Automation in the backend.


TimeXtender was founded and headquartered in Denmark in 2005. The company has a second location in Bellevue, Washington. TimeXtender has over 2,600 customers over six continents using its data warehouse automation product, and is the world’s leading DWA solution provider for Microsoft databases. The company sells its products direct and through its global network of channel partners. It provides consulting, training, and solutions. TimeXtender provides an important role for customers as it helps save deployment and maintenance time and costs, while offering end users a more robust and easier to use data warehouse and business intelligence system. The company Website is www.timextender.com.

About LevorSuite (formerly TX Financials)

 LevorSuite was brought to market in 2014 as TX Financials, to provide automation to the corporate performance management (CPM) process. LevorSuite continues to run on top of and in concert with TimeXtender's trusted TX DWA platform. LevorSuite transforms the way companies handle financial management by structuring the data collection process and by removing the manual processing of data. This automation integrates and consolidates all budgeting, planning, and forecasting into one platform; thereby saving significant time and reducing errors caused by data collection, multiple spreadsheets, and various users. The product is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel. The solutions website is www.levorsuite.com.

Contact: Executive Vice President Jesper Vork, LevorSuite product owner, via email at jesper@levorsuite.com.


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