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Innovations in Solar + Glass

From Silicon Valley

Innovations in Solar + Glass

By PR for People News Team

NSG Group, the owner of the Pilkington brand, and one of the world’s largest glass producers, and Solaria, specialists in PV technology, are entering into a collaboration agreement to manufacture and produce semi-transparent building...

N2 Cracks the Code to Develop a ‘Super Grid’

From New York City

N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York-based technology company, has developed “the first integrated wireless network” of its kind—an Internal ‘Super Grid’ that retro fits into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes. The grid replaces the current, antiquated wall outlet, light switch, and light fixture components that universally convert existing...

The Digital Workspace

By Dean Landsman

The Digital Workplace is rapidly evolving into a messaging and collaboration center.  Thanks to pervasive, nearly omnipresent connectivity and the plummeting prices of computers (laptops and desktops; some models of tablets) it is easy to set up shop just about anywhere. This can be in a spare room, at an Internet café or coffee shop, or at a ...

How To Use Your DSLR On Automatic!

Ok. So, I've been saying how we all should use our DSLRs on MANUAL in order to have more complete control of exposures, saturation, shutter speeds and apertures. Yet, most people just leave their cameras on AUTO because they think the camera will always make a "correct" shot. So, why do manufacturers put a so many other settings on their cameras? Well, believe it or not, there are actually times when AUTO settings might come in handy....

Digital Goodness

By Dean Landsman
In the age of ubiquitous connectivity and digital opportunity there are countless examples of goodness that occur thanks to technology.  Creative thinking and innovation combine to enable global reach and effective forms of communication.
Crowdfunding is a perfect example.  An idea requires capital, it may be of interest and desire to many, and online...