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Startup Metrics: What you need to grow your company

As a startup or early stage business, tracking metrics brings direction and strategy to your company. It also encourages a change in performance when evaluating those metrics and the goal is always to improve those metrics. Without measuring your metrics, you’re unable to improve.

Benjamin Stern and Nohbo

When he was just shy of being five years old, Benjamin Stern couldn’t buy a stuffed animal because he didn’t have enough money.  He knew he needed to be innovative to make more money.  His early entrepreneurial pursuits included peddling cookies in a shopping mall. He figured when he bought a whole box of cookies at Costco that if he sold them one at a time, he’d make a significant...

From Miami and Moscow: Abylay Ospan, CEO NetUP, Inc.

Inventor, Master Developer and Entrepreneur

Abylay Ospan is CEO of NetUP, Inc., a Russian company that develops hardware and software.   He founded the company with his friends and colleagues—all tech guys who are passionate about writing software for the ISP market. As Russia integrates into using the Internet, the company is developing many new...

Spotlight on Brent Brookler and

Brent Brookler, CEO/Founder of Flowboard is the quintessential entrepreneur in all things mobile. Product-driven and technology focused, Brent is passionate about startup culture and has been in the mobile space for over a decade. In 2000, he started Mobliss, a mobile game developer that powered the American Idol text voting program, and built early mobile games of Family Feud, NY Times Crossword and many others. Mobliss was sold to Index...