Benjamin Stern

Benjamin Stern

Chief Executive Officer

I am the CEO and founder of Nohbo, a growing startup which removes the need for the personal care bottle! We turn shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shaving cream into water soluble balls that melt at your fingertips with, with no plastic bottles needed!

Melbourne, Florida

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Website: Nohbo


My name is Benjamin Stern, and I am your typical Entrepreneur. Born near Seattle, Washington, I grew accustomed to new innovations and inventions. Now living in the Central Florida area, I have grown a passion to help the world and future in one way or another. I am the founder of Nohbo, the worlds first water-soluble ball containing shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or shaving cream mixtures. My goal is to one day go back to Seattle and grow my business, so I can help contribute to a greener world!

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Professional Information

Company Name:
Nohbo, LLC
Experience Area:
16 year old entrepreneur, who is an avid environmentalist! Experience is growing every day.
Will be featured on ABC's Shark Tank 2/19 at 9-10 ET!