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Wali Collins | The TODAY Show


Wali Collins | On the TODAY Show on Monday, August 28, teaching Jenna Bush how to be funny.

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Wali Collins Still Never Knows (Why Not?)

This is a story about having good luck – and about making your own.

Stand-up comedy is a tough field. Comics have a drive that supersedes their rational side. That’s why so many tell stories about well-meaning family members encouraging them to take a safer career course.

Wali Collins’ story is the exact opposite.

Wali graduated from college with a degree in architectural technology and had a good job...

Creating Your Legacy

What is your legacy? What is that thing or things that will carry on your spirit or your beliefs after you leave this planet? What is that something you have put your heart and soul into? It could be your children or your high score at the video arcade or a recipe of your own design.

Instead of focusing on differences like race, gender, religion that can divide us, try something new. How about considering who you are and...

The Principles of ‘JUMP’

In order to jump, which will bring you to a higher plain, you must first lower yourself. To jump successfully, you must follow these simple steps:

 Step 1: Bend your knees. This collects energy for your jump.

 Step 2: Quickly push your body up springing off of your feet.

 Step 3: Use this analogy to better yourself in a career, sports or a change in lifestyle.

 First, you need to look to see where...

Wali Collins at Broadway Comedy Club