Pete Soukus: A Chance to Trust


For years, Pete Soukus lived on top of the hill in Seattle’s wealthy Magnolia neighborhood that overlooks Interbay and Tent City 5. Pete still lives in Magnolia, but his new home now lies in the shadow of the hill, inside of Tent City 5.  Until alcohol took over his life, Pete had a career in product management and supply-chain logistics, a home and a family.  Then according to Pete, “I drank myself to the point of almost losing my life.”

Pete didn’t lose his life, but he lost his fiancé, his home and his job. He hasn’t seen his kids in years.  He remembers spending one night hunkered down under a bush after drinking a bottle of hand sanitizer.

In the words of the immortal Janis Joplin, who sang Me and Bobby McGee, “Freedom is just another...

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At least one-third of the homeless do have access to the internet. Most of the homeless population, however, do not have internet access, which is essential when looking for housing, jobs, applying for social service assistance, and accessing medical care.

How can we help?

There is a certain depersonalization in examining the data around the homeless when we are dealing with a mammoth problem that diminishes the intrinsic dignity and value that is inherent in every human being. Then when we see the homeless up close, we often don’t know what to do. “Oh, it’s tragic,” you might say and you can look away, but many of us are not able to turn away. How can we help? 

From Denver | Wasted

I make my money on the streets of Denver, a performer trying to earn enough "by donation" to pay what small bills I have, and doing this day in, day out, block by fulsome block you can't help but get a sense of the seasons. October's long passed, nights are longer lasting, and Autumn is a jolt of desperation.

There's a sullen resistance here to the gravity it hints at, sweaters and scarves anticipating biting cold, thoughts...