Naselle Timberland Library – On the Lewis and Clark Trailway


Naselle Timberland Library – On the Lewis and Clark Trailway

We find libraries in the most unexpected, out-of-the-way places. Nestled into a slim roadside corner on narrow rural route 401, sits an unassuming and relatively young small brick library.  The Naselle Timberland Library was built and opened in November 1991. Library service in Naselle, Washington started on April 21, 1986, and originally there was only an experimental mini-library that served the population by bookmobile.

This is a young part of the country! On the way to the Astoria Bridge, rural route 401 is also known as the Lewis and Clark Trailway. The Astoria bridge rises high above the Columbia River connecting the great states of Washington and Oregon. One of the unique features of this library is that it offers a movie night with free popcorn.  Like many libraries throughout America, regardless of size or its locations, a public meeting room can be reserved for community meetings and programs. One patron says: "The librarians are so nice that you feel like staying at grandma'."

Naselle Timberland Library

Located at 4 Parpala Road
P.O. Box 190
Naselle, WA  98638-0190
Library Manager: Michelle Zilli

Opens at 11am and varies its closing time. Closed Monday, Thursday and Sunday.






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