Adventures in Retirement

Adventures in Retirement:

Mike and Chris Scott, owners of the Staveleigh House B&B 

Mike and Chris Scott stood at the doorway of Staveleigh House, a charming B&B in historic Sheffield, Mass., beaming a warm welcome our way. You would think they had been innkeepers for decades, providing comfortable lodging and home-cooked breakfasts for travelers like...

The Principles of ‘JUMP’

In order to jump, which will bring you to a higher plain, you must first lower yourself. To jump successfully, you must follow these simple steps:

 Step 1: Bend your knees. This collects energy for your jump.

 Step 2: Quickly push your body up springing off of your feet.

 Step 3: Use this analogy to better yourself in a career, sports or a change in lifestyle.

 First, you need to look to see where...

“Robust” Ivory Trade Continues

Despite progress, “robust” ivory trade continues 

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory. In spite of a 1990 ban on international ivory sales,  Africa’s current elephant population has been reduced to perhaps less than half of the 1.3 million that roamed just 35 years ago. Asian elephants face an even grimmer fate: today perhaps just 40,000 remain in the wild, according to, a website...

Wali Collins on That One thing

What is that one thing you could do for hours? The thing you feel you were born to do.  What is that particular something that when you are doing it, it bring you peace and a certain calmness? My question to you is why are you not doing it all the time? Is it because you have other responsibilities or a job?

Believe it or not, you can make a career out of whatever your passion is.

Think about it. If we all did our...

Mega Yacht Chef takes to the ground

"I have always been in the Caribbean, or Bahamas for Christmas as a yacht chef. It is hard to fathom having a white Christmas when you are sweating bullets in a bathing suit on a beach or cruising on a yacht to the next port. Definitely not the normal White Christmas most people have. Having a tree on board was/is rare but I did manage to have a tiny one,...

Veterinarian Dr. Morris Samson | Advocate for Healing

For Veterinarian Dr. Morris Samson, the cycle of healing and sustainability is an integral part of his life.

Dr. Samson, who originally hails from Toronto, Canada, possesses a rare confluence of compassion, intellect and business acumen. He is a healer, but is also deeply pragmatic about running a successful Veterinary practice that can serve as role model to other Veterinary industry-related businesses. 


Organic treats baked on site in the “Bark-ery”

Organic treats baked on site in the “Bark-ery” at Salem’s  New England Dog Biscuit Company/

According to by Rebecca Brooks: “In October of 1692, an afflicted girl in Andover accused a neighbor’s dog of trying to bewitch her. The...

Author shares love for animals with young readers

Peg Kehret might be our generation’s version of Dr. Doolittle. The best-selling children’s author, who lives in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, shares her home with a dog who is deaf and two cats, one of which is blind. She uses hand signals to communicate with her dog Lucy, and she’s careful to leave a clear path for Mr. Stray to navigate sightlessly but safely between bed, food, and litter box. Her other cat, Dillon, sits on a certain...