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Jane Dudley and her company Thrival were featured in our magazine five years ago. In five years, the world has indeed changed. In fact, it has taken that long for the world to catch up with both Jane Dudley and Thrival. Described as the first augmented reality (AR) content creation and delivery platform, Thrival unlocks a new dimension for people to reach the highest pinnacle of their imagination.

Beyond the abstract description, Thrival uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to superimpose holographic images over a person’s view of the real world, enhancing reality in new and unusual ways. These holographic images are created by using wearable devices or a smartphone. 

Imagine hearts and flowers suspended over the head of your loved one on Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary. Send a clever wake-up message of dancing digital kitties to your kid in college. Send a special reminder note to your colleague in a way that is memorable enough to make a powerful branding statement. Thrival gives us the ability to entertain each other with unique visual images and messages in ways that can exceed our wildest imagination. 

With Thrival, visual images can be sent anywhere you want them, and change not only how we communicate, but also how we see things. We can make life an adventure as we travel through the visual terrain of our daily lives.

Jane Dudley, the CEO and Co-founder of  ThrivalWorld.com, is driven to make people’s view of the world better, and if you make people’s view better, ultimately you will create a better world.  Jane and her team have developed a social platform that incorporates AR technology and gaming capabilities to create a magical AR version of life for users (imagine witnessing the Battle of Gettysburg, or sailing with the Vikings, or walking through the magical land of Narnia via your wearable devices or your smartphone). 

It's been twelve years since Jane Dudley developed the concept for ThrivalWorld. Her thinking was rooted in physics and a deep understanding of the intricate connections that exist on a quantum level. 

It is Jane's perspective of quantum reality that has motivated the decade-long journey of creating an AR/XR company and technology that is built from a patent portfolio, with patents that are central building blocks to 3D internet. “We have a patent portfolio of eight patents,” Jane said. “Our company’s patents are foundational in metaverse technology.”

Thrival was undoubtedly ahead of its time, but now its time has come. Lumii, the first product that has been built from Thrival’s IP, will be launched later this year. 

Lumii, an AR Operating Overlay for Mobile (iOS and Android), is a magical Augmented Reality (AR) world that provides a 24-hour AR view of the real world and introduces a new frontier that is populated by public web data and rich user-generated content.

Lumii employs the power of game play to incentivize people to Look Up! Looking up is the exact opposite phenomenon of people-with-their-heads-down-in-their- phones. By looking up, people can unleash their imagination through their smart devices and find new ways to interact in the real world. Jane said, “We turn people's daily lives into a fresh and a compelling game that fosters well-being!”

By using Thrival’s simple smart toolset of drag & drop templates, people can create a new augmented vision of the world, the world the way they want it to be—meaningful, magical and collaborative. It’s important to note that Thrival’s IP and technology can also be licensed to provide software solutions for the greater marketplace. 

For Jane and her team, it’s been a decade-long journey, from being a startup just coming out the gate to being a company that will change the way we live and the way we see the world. The emergence and development of Thrival is based on strong collaboration between Jane and her development team. Jane credits Arnie Alger, who is CFO/COO of Thrival, for steering the company on a solid financial course. Alger has a proven track record of leading finance and operations for Fortune 500 companies on a global scale.

Just imagine a better world. Imagine creating a model for a better world that could indeed become a reality. Imagination has no limits. As for Jane Dudley, her company might be centered on brilliant components of technology seamlessly melding together, but her underlying vision is all about collaboration. “We exist in a quantum playground of energy,” she said. “What we imagine, focus on, and give meaning to materializes and expands as our physical reality.

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