Thrival: Look Up and Away We Go!

Every so often a new company comes along and the only way we can respond is by saying: Wow! Thrival is about to change the way you see the world! Are you prepared?

Thrival is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) content creation and delivery platform that unlocks a new dimension for people to experience more surprise, delight, laughter, fun and magic in their daily lives.

By using AR (Augmented Reality) technology, Thrival superimposes holographic images over a person’s view of the real world, enhancing reality in new and unusual ways. These holographic images are created by using wearable devices or a smartphone. Imagine hearts and flowers suspended over the head of your loved one on Valentine’s Day or a special reminder note sent to your colleague in a way that is graphic, colorful and memorable. Visual images can be sent anywhere you want them, and change not only in how we communicate, but also how we see things. We can make life an adventure as we travel through the visual landscape of our daily lives.

As the co-founder/CEO of Thrival, the world’s first augmented reality (AR) content creation and delivery platform, Jane Dudley is driven to make people’s view of the world better, magical, and more joyful. Jane and her team have developed a social platform that incorporates AR technology and game processes to create a magical AR version of life for users (imagine walking through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia via your smartphone). 

Aside from being a remarkable business concept, the emergence and development of Thrival is based on a strong collaboration between Jane Dudley and her son, Andy, who is the oldest boy of her five children.  Andrew Jack Thomas, “Andy,” a wizard in technology is the co-founder of Thrival and the company’s Creative Director.

“Andy and I have a great creative and business synergy together,” Jane said. “We were exploring starting a company together, and Thrival simply ‘downloaded’ through us, idea by idea, over dinner conversations. We’re both tenacious risk-takers, perfect traits for taking on a tremendous but rewarding startup effort such as Thrival.” 

Growing up on a farm in the idyllic foothills south of Calgary, Alberta, Jane learned to appreciate her surroundings, while working hard and supporting others. Jane’s son Andy is also imbued with this strong work ethic, and shares Jane’s expansive entrepreneurial spirit.

Jane’s background as a global leader in technology, international policy, and international non-profit organizations is the perfect fit to bring this new and remarkable tech experience to market. Her current day focus is aligning human and financial resources to the Thrival vision to scale the company and develop it as a global brand. 

According to Jane, “We have a seasoned, stellar team that is bringing this amazing technology to life, and are proud of Thrival’s culture of fun, diversity, and collaboration. I believe our efforts will have far-reaching positive impact in this world, as humanity across the globe falls in love with this experience - the rippling positive effects among our everyday lives will be immeasurable. “

Thrival gets people’s noses out from their phones and Look up! Let’s Connect, Create, Collaborate, Anticipate, Laugh, Play and Succeed together! Life might be a grind for many people, but it does not have to be. Thrival is a company to watch, no pun intended! Stay tuned!  For more information, please see














Patricia Vaccarino

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