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Where’s Wali?

It’s tough pinning down the mercurial Wali Collins! Last week, he was in Seattle making an appearance at the Bite Festival. Next thing, he’s on the way to Waterloo, New York to do a gig at the del Lago Resort & Casino. Then he’s bound for Denver to make an appearance at the Boat Festival, sponsored by the AARP. In between, he’s a regular at the Gotham, and Broadway Comedy Clubs in New York City. And every other month his Comedy Cup, where comedy gladiators battle to the death, is packing them in! 

Creating Your Legacy

What is your legacy? What is that thing or things that will carry on your spirit or your beliefs after you leave this planet? What is that something you have put your heart and soul into? It could be your children or your high score at the video arcade or a recipe of your own design.

Instead of focusing on differences like race, gender, religion that can divide us, try something new. How about considering who you are and...

The Principles of ‘JUMP’

In order to jump, which will bring you to a higher plain, you must first lower yourself. To jump successfully, you must follow these simple steps:

 Step 1: Bend your knees. This collects energy for your jump.

 Step 2: Quickly push your body up springing off of your feet.

 Step 3: Use this analogy to better yourself in a career, sports or a change in lifestyle.

 First, you need to look to see where...

Wali Collins on That One thing

What is that one thing you could do for hours? The thing you feel you were born to do.  What is that particular something that when you are doing it, it bring you peace and a certain calmness? My question to you is why are you not doing it all the time? Is it because you have other responsibilities or a job?

Believe it or not, you can make a career out of whatever your passion is.

Think about it. If we all did our...

Trash and Treasure

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Perfect examples are second-hand stores, recycling centers and pawn shops. These are places where people will benefit from the things that other people throw away.

     I believe that people do the same thing with words. They tend to talk too much where their words become insulting, confusing or just plain misleading. It’s like they throw words away. And they’re “...