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The Vulnerability Brought by Electronic Conveniences

The electronic (digital) age has brought great conveniences to human beings. With the rapid development in nanotechnology and quantum technology, there seems to be endless potential ahead for human civilization. But the public is generally unprepared for the great risks as the result of advancing from the previous mechanical era to the current electronic age……

Risk, Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Recently, probably because of local elections and the national political climate, I’ve spent more time reading and thinking about how to “backstop democracy,” – I strongly recommend reading The Brookings Institution’s new white paper, The Democracy Playbook: Preventing and Reversing Democratic Backsliding.

Risky Initiation


Playing it safe leads to an unadventurous life. How then should we take on that element of risk—to precipitate the virtue out of this dangerous mixture of spice and vice? No time is ever just right—you either go for it or not. It is never anything less than “to be or not to be!” That’s it: forge a path over the gaping gorge! This is the journey of the hero. Feel the zeal, knowing well it is you who makes the deal...

The Changing definition of risk

Risk takes on different meanings as you move through the various stage of life.  At some point, you may find that not taking a risk may actually be riskier than taking one. You may live to regret missed opportunities.   If you do not search and you do not ask you, you already know the answer.

When you were young you may have thought of risk as merely physical-sky diving, rock climbing, driving fast cars.  Now, however, taking a...