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After a mental breakdown and a stint in a psychiatric hospital Eric P. was provided with ongoing therapy, community support and medication. He soon found his lawfully prescribed medication was in demand by his friends. This is one man's account how he ended up selling his own drugs to make ends meet. 

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From Denver - Megan’s Hallelujah


Joy is not so cut and dry as bliss.

Meet Megan Hemmerbeck, a 24 year-old, classically trained pianist and opera singer, a woman of considerable preternatural talent which she has honed over dedicated decades, culminating in a Bachelors of Music degree from the University of Denver. She plays 7 instruments (one of which, the guitar, she learned out of sheer spite, because her then-boyfriend told her she wouldn't be...

From Denver | Wasted

I make my money on the streets of Denver, a performer trying to earn enough "by donation" to pay what small bills I have, and doing this day in, day out, block by fulsome block you can't help but get a sense of the seasons. October's long passed, nights are longer lasting, and Autumn is a jolt of desperation.

There's a sullen resistance here to the gravity it hints at, sweaters and scarves anticipating biting cold, thoughts...

A Tête à Tête with Miró and Other Master Artists

The Denver Art Museum (DAM) in Colorado – known for its remarkable art shows, which have included works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall and Matisse – currently has a bursting, vibrant exhibit of Joan Miró’s paintings and sculptures, titled “Instinct and Imagination.” The presentation, featuring Miró’s accomplishments in the last decades of his life, 1963 to 1983, is from the Museo Nationale Centro de Arte Reina, in Sofia, Madrid.


From Denver: The not-so-elusive Poet Devan Kingsford

Although Devan Kingsford fancies himself as an elusive poet, he keeps a high profile on the streets of downtown Denver. He stakes out a spot in front of the Tattered Cover Book Store on 16th Street, where he sits at a desk, with an old typewriter, and his dog, and writes poems on demand.  In fact, the name of his business is Poetry on Demand. He doesn’t charge per poem, but gladly accepts donations.