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In August we celebrate entrepreneurs from all industries and sectors. We also look at the important role networking plays in producing successful business outcomes. 

Dave Bresler gives us a few helpful networking tips

There are a fair number of people, especially the ones who have stayed over the years, who have done some significant business from the relationships they had made. 

Working Beyond Retirement

Retirement is a relatively new concept.  In olden days (pre WWII), people worked until they could no longer do their jobs.  Even the concept of retirement has fostered an epidemic foisted on us by (well meaning?) people to either provide for citizens in decline or to make room for the next generation.  And, it can mean a number of things.  People retire and then find that they need more to keep them busy and involved than golf and bagels...

Lest We Forget

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", George Santayana, 1905

The other day, after having commuted, on and off, for over 40 years from the Hartsdale, NY RR station, I noticed, for the first time, a plaque on a rock with the inscription, "Lest We Forget  1917-1918." The plaque, of course, was a memorial to local veterans of WWI, the seminal event of the 20th Century.  And, while it is true that both the...

What’s so Great About Smiling

What is it about smiles that, at least to Americans, are so appealing?  I was buying something at my local CVS and when I chanced to smile at the checkout clerk who smiled back at me with a 100 watt smile.  There was no apparent flirting going on.  And, while I am most certainly capable of flirting, am pretty fit, and do look a bit younger than my chronological age, I was also at least as old as her grandfather.  She was just responding to...