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Broadway Beat | The OHenry Report

One of the things that I do as a producer is to evaluate the financial viability of a theatrical endeavor.  For my own projects, that means crafting budgets and financial projections, and for other people’s projects - projects that might be worth investing in - that means evaluating the quality and accuracy of financials prepared by that particular entity.

Photography As Art

I was thinking the other day about the art of photography. What makes it an art form? Is it just the photographer's vision captured, or does it encompass the whole gamut of the capture process, post-production, retouching, cropping and subsequent output?

Barbi Leifert on Ambition

My first ambition in life was to get out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn- which I did!!!

I live on the West Coast now! On the way to leaving Brooklyn, my first job was at "The Clothes Horse" on Kings Highway, selling very fashionable and trendy women's clothing. This was the best job you can get as a 16-year old living in Brooklyn. It meant you were really cool and could sell- because I sold them on myself.  I was an energetic,...

BARBI LEIFERT | Capturing the Soul of Movement

Seattle-based Painter Barbi Leifert captures the soul of a dancer in her life’s work by exploring the energy, vibrancy and artistic brilliance inherent in contemporary dance. Ms. Leifert, who was a dancer since the age of three, has observed that when she’s creating a painting, she’s not copying pictures of movement.  From her many years of dance and choreography, she actually has the...

Hold onto your Ambition

We’re living in uncertain and troubled times. The very notion of truth is being called into question.  We’re not talking about creating grey areas to communicate a point of view or well-packaged spin. We’re talking about downright lying. We are being lied to and we know it. We have no choice but to rely on our own ambition. We have to create a vision for ourselves, a strategy, and a precise map to find our way along the road of this long,...