True Leadership Inspires

The essence of true leadership is about being a good steward of our resources. Stewardship means taking care of ourselves and our communities. As stewards, we take care of our health, wealth and resources, and quite often, we take care of those around us who are not able to care for themselves. Taking care of our resources and our community allows us to rise to the highest level as human beings.

Today, we look up to those leaders who can inspire us to follow their example to be the best stewards possible. And we seek to get rid of those in power who fail to understand what it means to take care of ourselves, our community and the natural resources of the earth. 

No one person is here forever.  All of us lay claim to ownership for a brief span in time. Knowing we are only here temporarily is strong reason to want to take care of our resources so they can be passed along to the next generation. This month, we are fortunate to have a great article written by author and filmmaker John de Graaf. John writes about the young people who are true stewards and have already moved into positions of leadership—an inspiration to us all!    


Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino has over 30 years' expertise working with a wide range of national and international clients, in all areas of public relations: managing worldwide campaigns for global companies and developing strategy for small companies, startup ventures, and individuals.

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