Debbie Kiederer: Making Her Mark by Patricia Vaccarino

This past fall Debbie Kiederer celebrated the 21st year of her company, ChalkDust Consulting. The company focuses on digital technology, ecommerce and tool selection for enterprise clients in Beauty/Fashion, the nonprofit sector, or for companies selling consumer products.


In her article What’s in a Name? Reconciliation, Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about a monumental success story. The U.S. Department of Interior has made good on its commitment to review and replace the names of over 650 geographic features on federal lands. 


Here’s Looking At You, Kid by E.G. Singer pays tribute this 1943 movie classic that is now eighty years young. 


Looking Ahead by Annie Searle

We can expect two full years of such obstruction and chaos, at a time when the Supreme Court appears bent on undoing years of settled opinion around issues we consider to be at the heart of our democracy.


Book Review:  White Fragility Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

There are as many degrees of racism as there are shades of skin—and all of us, regardless of our skin tone, need to have difficult conversations about race. -Patricia Vaccarino


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