Is Being an Entrepreneur Good for Your Health?

Many of us look at entrepreneurs in awe. We think of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and say, “Wow, they are amazing people, and I want to be a successful entrepreneur like them!” We imagine gaining independence from a boss, having flexibility, making a lot of money and holding our fate in our own hands.

However, being an entrepreneur is hard work not only in terms of the amount of time one has to contribute to the business, but also in the psychological toll it can take.

Many entrepreneurs suffer from depression, which is not something that is talked about. There appear to be two reasons for this. First, entrepreneurs like to put on a façade that everything is great. Therefore, their sleepless nights are not talked about. And second, they don’t create an identity apart from their business.

I suggest three things:

  1. Be sure that you ask for help; don’t try to go it alone.
  2. You need to be healthy, and that requires exercise, a good diet and getting enough sleep.
  3. Develop a personal identity that is separate from your business.




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