PR for People® Wants Student Writers!


PR for People® is actively seeking high school students to write Op-Ed articles about topics covering civil rights, civil disobedience and activism. These articles will be published in the April issue of PR for People “The Connector” Magazine and on the PR for People News portal.

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Latest Posts in Education

Faces of Combat / Pine Winds Connections

By Tom Blaschko

Our Faces of Combat program is a big part of Pine Winds Connections these days. In it we help those who are serving and who have served in the United States military.

Many Americans have trouble imagining the devastation caused by PTSD in the men and women returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But it is all too real for those who served and for their families. In Erik Newhouse’s...

From Boston: Michaela Kinlock turned her passion into a promising career by helping others stay in college and graduate on solid footing.

By Alison Harris

Michaela Kinlock, Ed.M., is an academic advisor at Northeastern University, a career she was drawn to: “I transferred colleges after my freshman year and it showed me that fit is so important in making or breaking a college student’s experience,” she said.

Kinlock learned firsthand about the...