Pitch Well, Win Big

Every business needs Terry Ward! He has over 30 years of experience in communication skills training, and is the founder and president of a national communication and presentation skill straining organization. The Comm Skills Group offers a fun, vital and creative training process for business professionals to develop a powerful “State of Mind” so they can master their own natural strengths as communicators.  Clients include: Disney, Mattel, Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, Activision, Univision, FOX Sports, ESPN, Logitech, Kaleidoscope ®, and Universal McCann. The firm’s capabilities include training sessions for large group presentations, speeches, executive coaching, communication selling skills, communicating change, defining corporate values, setting company goals and call center effectiveness.

Terry first developed his expertise through his many years of work in improvisational theatre, where he worked as an actor, writer and teacher. Terry was also film and television writer in Los Angeles, and a playwright in the San Francisco area, where his critically acclaimed play Bar None was hailed as the longest running show in Improv.

When we pitch well, we win big.                                                                                                           During his work as a writer in Hollywood, he became highly skilled at the fine art of pitching, and realized this type of communication, “pitching,” was a critical component of everything we do in life, from pitching ideas in business to pitching to our loved ones in our personal lives. No one understands pitching as well as someone who has worked in Hollywood (and lived to tell about it).

Having a creative idea is great. Developing it is exciting. Pitching it can be terrifying. Coming up with good ideas is hard enough, but convincing others to do something with them is even harder. Every day we pitch our projects, we pitch our products, we pitch our stories, we pitch our businesses and we pitch our investors, we even pitch our family. Try getting your kids to go to bed on time! It all boils down to our power to persuade, inspire and motivate the person who is listening to us!  Follow him on Twitter @The-TerryWard



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